Information to Help Determine What Can and Cannot be Recycled

What Can I Recycle?

The ACRC program accepts rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) 55-gallon containers and smaller, which previously held products utilized in Crop Protection, specialty pesticides, fertilizers, and other pest control products for professional application.

What Happens to the Plastic?

Currently, the ACRC collects around 11,000,000 lbs. of HDPE annually. This plastic is then processed to create sellable, recycled resin which is repurposed into many useful products. The Ag Container Recycling Council is continually evaluating and approving a wide array of end uses such as:

• Agriculture drain pipe
• Highway signposts
• Highway and agricultural fence posts
• Underground utility conduit
• Wire and cable spool (reel) flanges
• Agrochemical composite IBC platforms
• Industrial pallets for ag chemical and seed packaging
• Rebar chairs
• Landscape edging
• Nursery Pots

All these applications are utilized in such a way that any residues on or in the recycled resin will have no real or perceived effect on the environment or the user.

Acceptable and clean containers are collected at an ACRC collection site

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Collected containers are processed into resin pellets to be used in manufacturing other products

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ACRC approves various end-use products for the recycled resins

Buy Recycled Plastic

Reclaimed agricultural container resin collected by independent contractors of the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) program is a mixture of ag chemical container high-density polyethylene resins (AgRES).

The resins have excellent stress crack resistance, high impact strength, high melt strength, and good rigidity. The resins are initially used for blow mold extruded or injection molded agricultural chemical containers.

Product Types:

1. HDPE, Fractional Melt (jug/bottle regrind)
2. HDPE, High Molecular Weight, HMW (drum regrind)
3. HDPE, Injection Grade (bucket regrind)

Potential Grades:

A. Triple rinsed, ground, and unwashed
B. Triple rinsed, ground, and washed
C. Triple rinsed, ground, washed, and pelletized